Raeford Davis

Raeford Davis served the City of North Charleston police department for six years, including four years as a patrol officer and two as a special victims unit detective. At the time, North Charleston was ranked the 8th most dangerous city in America. Before becoming a police officer, he served in the United States Coast Guard Reserves. He graduated from Charleston Southern University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice.

Officer Davis realized the underground market created by drug prohibition has led to a number of negative unforeseen consequences. This realization came to him while patrolling a notorious hotbed of illicit activity nick-named “4-way”. There he saw kids being recruited by older gang members to sell drugs, knowing full well what kind of danger that put them in. Officer Davis understood that so long as a demand for drugs persisted, there would be a supply. So long as that supply remains illegal, children will continue to be exploited by criminals.

Davis left policing in 2007 after being injured in the line of duty. He now lives in Charleston.