John Paul is founder and CEO of Grand Opportunity USA (“GOUSA”), a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization, and author of the book Cues for Conservatives – How to Engage the Millennial Generation and Unite the Conservative Movement. GOUSA’s mission is to motivate, educate and mobilize young people, minority groups, NTLs (non-traditional lifestyles), people of faith and citizens of all backgrounds to advance American values and advocate for their personal, economic, social, educational and national interests and needs. Our goal is to unite the country and to reach a wider and more diverse audience of voters to preserve our freedoms, liberties & prosperity in America for generations to come.

He is also founder of the new #DIVERSATIVE movement, with a mission to unite the bold, diverse voices within the conservative & libertarian movement, coming together to show that true diversity isn’t just about the color of your skin, your ethnicity or gender, but also the diversity of thought.

John Paul is a Boston marketing executive, conservative activist, and author. He has worked and studied at MIT and has an MBA from BU. John Paul has been invited to speak at events from coast to coast and hopes to positively impact and reform the political discourse in America today.