New Orleans Conference

Conference Director:  Marcus Maldonado

“I currently am pursuing my bachelors in political economy at Tulane University. I plan on going to law school after undergrad. I am a policy and development associate at the Pelican Institute for Public Policy, and I also lead the chapter of Young Americans for Liberty at Tulane. I plan on pursuing a career in research and public policy after law school, and I hope to work on making Louisiana and the country a better place to live and work for the next generation.”


New Orleans Conference

“Restoring Justice Summit”

At the turn of the year, Americans saw one of the first federal criminal justice reform bills passed and signed into law in decades. After years of success at the state level and a strong bi-partisan effort in 2018, what is the next step for criminal justice? Students for Liberty’s Restoring Justice Summit will offer inspiration and practical knowledge of the solutions necessary for a system that better protects our citizens and our communities.

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2019 North American Regional Conference: New Orleans 

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